Professional Teeth Whitening

When it comes to reversing the effects of discolored and stained teeth, there are numerous options that a person can turn to.ᅠ Having stained teeth can ruin a smile and considering the impression that a person's smile makes on others, it is important that a person reverses the effects of teeth discoloration by obtaining teeth whitening.

Although there are numerous teeth whitening products available that are designed for home use, the most effective method of teeth whitening is professional teeth whitening.ᅠ Professional teeth whitening refer to teeth whitening procedures that are performed by a certified cosmetic dentist.ᅠ There are numerous teeth whitening techniques that fall under the category of professional teeth whitening but the common denominator of these teeth whitening techniques are that they are most effectively performed by a dentist.

Professional teeth whitening is also the quickest way for a person to obtain their goal of white teeth.ᅠ Teeth whitening systems such as Zoom and Britesmile can brighten a person's teeth up to nine shades whiter in just one hour treatment.ᅠ In a professional teeth whitening treatment, a patient is treated with a bleaching agent that is applied to their affected teeth.ᅠ The main ingredient found in a bleaching agent is hydrogen peroxide, which weakens stained molecules that are responsible for tooth discoloration.

To protect the patient's gums, a dentist provides the patient with a mouth guard.ᅠ In the simple professional teeth whitening procedure, the dentist applies the bleaching agent on the patient's teeth.ᅠ Depending on the teeth whitening technique that the dentist is employing, the bleaching agent is activated by a light, heat, or laser source.ᅠ The dentist uses an instrument that activates the bleaching agent and the process of oxidation occurs.ᅠ The hydrogen peroxide contained in the bleaching agent begins to break down and turns into water and a radical (constituent compound).ᅠ As a radical, the hydrogen peroxide attaches itself to stained molecules and eventually weakens it.ᅠ This allows oxygen to reach the patient's teeth enamel and this process is responsible for teeth whitening.

Compared to other methods of teeth whitening, professional teeth whitening have a number of advantages.ᅠ First of all, by consulting with a dental professional, a patient is able to learn whether or not teeth whitening is in their best interests.ᅠ Under certain circumstances, teeth whitening may cause more harm than good.ᅠ One group of people that may want to consider their desire for teeth whitening are people that have tooth-colored fillings.ᅠ In this scenario, teeth whitening will lead to an uneven look of brightness within their teeth that will be noticeable.ᅠ Another advantage of professional teeth whitening is that the procedure is quick and efficient.ᅠ Compared to at-home teeth whitening products that may take multiple uses for it to take effect, professional teeth whitening can be performed in one meeting and it will take immediate effect.

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