First impressions are the last impressions – and your smile plays a large role in ensuring that you put your best face forward.  For this reason, many celebrities, politicians, professionals, and stay-at-home moms alike have turned to teeth whitening to improve their winning appearance.  In the last five years, we have seen a flood of tooth whitening products arrive onto the market, and the Rembrandt system is one of the original pioneers in home whitening.  

The benefits of the Rembrandt whitening system

Unlike other whitening products, Rembrandt gives you a choice in applying the whitening system.  You can opt to apply the whitening procedure under the supervision of a dentist, or you can choose a different Rembrandt whitening product at home. This depends on whether you feel more comfortable in the dentist’s office, or would rather approach the Rembrandt method gradually at home.

Your teeth are symbolic of your life, and they discolor based upon your age, any illnesses you may have encountered, and of course, your eating, smoking, and drinking habits.  By utilizing a Rembrandt whitening system, either at home or in the dentist’s office, you can literally take years off your of smile.  

If you choose to have the Rembrandt dentist procedure, then you can anticipate seeing whiter results in approximately one hour.  After the bleaching gel is applied, the Rembrandt treatment is activated with a special light.  In contrast to the other available treatments, such as gels and strips, Rembrandt can quickly give you a brighter, pearly smile quickly.  

How Rembrandt quickly whitens your teeth

As one of the pioneers in dental whitening, Rembrandt follows an easy, yet incredibly effective process for achieving a sparkling smile.  After your dentist cleans your teeth, a Rembrandt gel formed of peroxide is painted onto your teeth.  While the gel is on your teeth, your dentist will utilize a light that effectively “turns on” the whitening process – quickly working deep within your teeth to eliminate stains and discoloration.  

Once the quick Rembrandt whitening treatment is completed, you can look in the mirror and instantly see a whiter, brighter, shinier smile.  Keep in mind that due to the natural elements of your saliva, your teeth will lose a small portion of its brightness within a few days after the treatment.  However, you will still enjoy a whiter, more confident smile with a Rembrandt treatment.   

On the other hand, Rembrandt also offers teeth whitening treatments for at-home convenience.  First, your dentist will make impressions of your teeth to create trays which you will use to apply the whitening agent.  Your dentist will work with you to make sure the trays are comfortable. You will take the trays and whitening agent home with you, using them during the day or night at your convenience.  The home Rembrandt treatment will take a few weeks, but you will see an improvement right away.  For those individuals who would rather whiten their teeth at home, the Rembrandt whitening treatment can eventually be as effective as the in-office procedure, but it takes a longer amount of time.  

How can I keep my Rembrandt white smile shining?  

Remember, your lifestyle may have played a large role in defining the discoloration and yellowing of your teeth.  For a short period of time after your treatment, refrain from engaging in staining behaviors, such as smoking cigars or cigarettes, drinking coffee or tea, and consuming foods that may stain.  This will keep your sparkling white smile shining for a longer time to come.  

Final thoughts on your pearly whites

Just as you would want to put your best foot forward in any social or professional situation, putting your best smile forward makes for a great first impression.  Investing in your smile is a solid investment in your future – where you can smile your way to a lasting impression.  

Before you make your final decision for your teeth whitening, make sure that you have evaluated all of the Rembrandt options available to you.  Choosing a dental treatment in a professional dentist’s office gives you the quickest, whitest, and safest results.  Regardless of what option you choose, you may want to consult with your dentist to ensure that the whitening treatment is the best program for your individual oral needs.

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