Teeth Bleaching

One of the worst things that can happen to a person from a dental perspective is tooth discoloration.ᅠ The ideal color for our teeth is a bright, pearly white that shines when we smile.ᅠ However, factors like age, coffee consumption, antibiotics use, tea consumption, and cigarette use contribute to teeth staining.ᅠ As a result of this, many individuals find that they have yellow or brown teeth that can cause embarrassment when seen.ᅠ For this reason, teeth bleaching has become one of the most popular cosmetic dental procedures available.

If you have been searching for info on bleaching your teeth, you're at the right place.ᅠ Teeth bleaching may sound dangerous and unnecessary but nothing is unnecessary if it helps to make you look and feel good.ᅠ Additionally, teeth bleaching is one of the safest dental procedures available and there are even teeth bleaching products that can be used at home.ᅠ A scientific process, teeth bleaching can make effective changes to the color of a person's teeth and will brighten up a person's smile in a very short amount of time.

Teeth bleaching can be described as a system that contains a few key ingredients.ᅠ Whether you are undergoing teeth bleaching from a cosmetic dentist or using an at-home teeth bleaching kit, the proper teeth bleaching system should incorporate a teeth bleaching gel.ᅠ This teeth bleaching gel contains either hydrogen peroxide or carbamide peroxide.ᅠ This peroxide is responsible for the bleaching effects on your teeth.

How teeth bleaching works is that this teeth bleaching gel is applied to your teeth.ᅠ If a dentist is performing this procedure, the dentist will directly apply this bleaching agent to your teeth.ᅠ However, if you are performing a teeth bleaching at home, you will inject this teeth bleaching gel into a mouth tray that you will wear.ᅠ Under the dental procedure, the teeth bleaching agent is activated through either a light or laser source depending on the specific teeth bleaching technique that your dentist employs.

From there, teeth bleaching follows a process known as oxidization.ᅠ In this process, the peroxide found in the teeth bleaching agent breaks down into water and a radical (chemical compound).ᅠ At this point, the peroxide attaches itself to the stain molecules that are found on your teeth, which is responsible for tooth discoloration.ᅠ Teeth bleaching then commences as the peroxide breaks down these stain molecules and allows oxygen to reach the tooth enamel.ᅠ As the tooth enamel is transparent, the presence of oxygen allows your teeth to return to its naturally white state.

An effective treatment, teeth bleaching can take as little time as an hour for it to work.ᅠ Popular teeth bleaching systems like Zoom and Britesmile can brighten a person's teeth up to nine shades lighter in a single one-hour treatment.ᅠ If the teeth bleaching is taking place at home through a teeth bleaching kit, then the desired results of teeth bleaching may take longer to reach.

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