Teeth Whitening Allentown

Are your teeth yellow or otherwise discolored? Are you embarrassed to smile or even open your mouth to talk to others? Do you consciously avoid social situations because you're embarrassed by discolored teeth? If so, give Dr. Mary Viechnicki Potter a call to set up a consultation to discuss the problem as well as possible solutions. Dr. Viechnicki Potter is very highly trained and is fully committed and passionate about helping individuals in the Allentown, PA area achieve an attractive, desirable smile through various cosmetic dentistry procedures.

Teeth whitening is one such treatment that has been used by Dr. Viechnicki Potter and cosmetic dentists throughout the nation to treat discolored teeth. This is often one of the most embarrassing dental problems for individuals and can be quite socially crippling. In-office treatment options are available that have left patients with significantly whiter teeth in just one office visit.

Zoom, Britesmile and other treatments are available to help patients achieve a whiter smile. The number of sessions required to reach optimal, natural whiteness may vary, but many have found great success after just one session. If you're interested in achieving a whiter smile and are in the Allentown area, call Dr. Viechnicki Potter today!

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