Teeth Whitening Bloomfield Hills

Dr. Glenn Spencer is a highly trained and committed dental professional who has helped patients throughout Bloomfield Hills achieve their cosmetic dentistry needs. Dr. Spencer utilizes many of the latest treatments and procedures to help ensure that patients are provided with high quality care and service to help them achieve their goals. Among the common dental problems is discolored or stained teeth, which may result from years of drinking coffee, tea or soda, or smoking tobacco.

Teeth whitening is available through Dr. Spencer to help patients overcome this common cosmetic issue. Gel is applied to the teeth and a lamp is used to heat the gel, which releases oxygen to remove stains on the teeth without harming the enamel. The gel is left on the teeth for about an hour and the patient is provided with immediate results. Dr. Spencer has helped many individuals in Bloomfield Hills overcome discolored teeth through this procedure.

Those interested in teeth whitening in the Bloomfield Hills area are encouraged to seek consultation with Dr. Spencer. If you'd like whiter teeth and a more attractive smile, call Dr. Spencer today to set up a consultation so you may discuss the available procedures and treatments at this clinic.

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