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For people out there that are skeptical of how much teeth whitening can effect one's life, they will need to read these teeth whitening reviews.ᅠ Submitted by people that have undergone the teeth whitening treatment over the last year, it is startling to see how much impact that teeth whitening had on their lives.ᅠ Whether it was through an in-office teeth whitening or by using at-home teeth whitening products, these teeth whitening reviews will show how much of an impact that a quick and efficient cosmetic dental treatment can have.

Ian Munroe is a twenty-five year old aspiring musician from Boston, Massachusetts.ᅠ A singer and guitar player, Ian had been in a number of bands that were praised in the Boston area.ᅠ However, Ian found that he was never offered a recording contract from any major music company despite having a large local following.

ヤI was confused,ヤ Ian explains.ᅠ ヤI was in a bunch of bands that really connected with the student crowd here in Boston and was playing shows in 1000 seat halls.ᅠ Also, we had a lot of record company people at our shows that said they liked what they heard but never offered a deal.ᅠ I couldn't understand why.ヤ

Although he played a brand of college rock that wouldn't sound out of place on the radio, Ian never received an offer for a recording contract.ᅠ That was until the day he was talking to a drunken record company executive who told Ian the reason why he was never getting any contract offers.

ヤIt turned out that it was my teeth,ヤ Ian says with a sigh.ᅠ ヤI drink a lot of coffee and smoke a lot of cigarettes and as a result my teeth had become discolored and whatnot.ᅠ This record company executive just laid it all on the line and told me I was never going to get signed because my teeth were too ugly for TV.ヤ

Distraught by the news, Ian decided to take a big step.ᅠ He went to a dentist and asked to receive teeth whitening treatment.ᅠ Bracing for the worst, Ian was shocked by how his teeth had become nine shades lighter in only one hour.

ヤI was amazed by the efficiency of my dentist and how quick the teeth whitening went.ᅠ I felt so great after the whole treatment that I was smiling for a month.ᅠ The next show I played after getting my teeth whitened, I was getting offers from everyone.ᅠ But, by then knowing that these companies cared more about image than about the music, I didn't really feel like signing a record contract.ᅠ It's cool though, because I'm happier than I've ever been and it's all because of teeth whitening!ヤ

The amount of teeth whitening reviews that are available throughout the Internet are staggering and closely resemble Ian's story.ᅠ The way that teeth whitening had enhanced the quality of Ian's life and how much more confident that he has become is a common element found in teeth whitening reviews.

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