The Cost and Financing of Internal Tooth Bleaching

Tooth bleaching is typically performed externally, but on devitalized teeth, regular whitening may not work and internal tooth bleaching is recommended. If you are considering internal tooth bleaching and you are a suitable candidate for the procedure, you should look into the cost and financing of the whitening.

Average Cost of Internal Tooth Bleaching

The average cost of internal tooth bleaching is around $150 per tooth. However, you may also find lower prices or prices that go as high as $600. The cost may be affected by the number of teeth you choose to treat, your location and the fees of the dentist that you choose. The technique and bleacher used by the dentist may also influence the price. If the bleaching agent requires an additional application; this may also be charged extra. You should also consider that the initial consultation may be charged as well ($50 to $150).

Insurance Coverage

Most insurance plans won’t cover teeth bleaching procedures, as the teeth whitening is an elective procedure. Some insurance providers may cover for parts of the procedure. There are also insurance plans that cover cosmetic procedures and these will include teeth whitening. You should contact your insurance provider for details.

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