Las Vegas Zoom Teeth Whitening - Teeth Bleaching

Zoom in an out of the dentist’s chair with one of the world’s safest and most effective tooth whitening systems around today. Zoom technology is the renowned tooth whitening procedure used by Las Vegas dentist Dr. Robert Earl. Quick, painless and effective is what Zoom teeth whitening is all about! Come and see how quick and easy it is to get a bright smile and new sense of confidence today with Las Vegas’ finest cosmetic dentists!

Zoom is designed to give you brilliant results quickly. Zoom teeth whitening in Las Vegas offers an in-house deal or take-home deal. That’s right – you can have the best in tooth whitening as a take-home kit to get your teeth up to six shades whiter in one weekend! Whether you’d prefer a dentist to do the work for you, or if you’re a do-it-yourselfer and want to take the kit home, you can expect great results in Zoom teeth whitening here in Las Vegas!

A bright smile that people are sure to be drawn to is easier to get than ever. Dr. Earl's dentistry in Las Vegas offers the best in Zoom teeth whitening to help you achieve a healthy, gleaming smile. Whether you prefer the in-house procedure of the take-home kit, getting a great smile has never been easier or more effective. Hydrogen peroxide is the main ingredient in Zoom teeth whitening. Your Las Vegas dentist will flash the Zoom! Low-heat on your teeth to activate and break down the hydrogen peroxide. As the hydrogen peroxide breaks down, oxygen enters your teeth to bleach the enamel. After three twenty-minute Zoom procedures, your dentist will complete the job with a quick fluoride treatment.

Before you know it, your Zoom teeth whitening appointment is over and you have a great, healthy smile and a new sense of confidence. Come see our Las Vegas dentist and see how Zoom can help you get a bright smile quickly, efficiently and affordably. Ask about Zoom Advanced Power Whitening.

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