Oklahoma City Zoom Teeth Whitening Dentist

When it comes to the dental problems that can absolutely kill a great smile, discolored or stained teeth are at the top of the tree. The presence of just one irregularly colored tooth can force people to become self-conscious about their smiles; a great shame because your smile should be something to take pride in.ᅠ The act of smiling not only makes you feel good but will also leave a positive impression among others. However, when shame sets in regarding your smile it can affect your self-confidence and other people's opinion of you. After noticing a person that isn't smiling for some time, you can't help but wonder what their problem is. Fortunately, stained or discolored teeth are no longer a problem that you can't solve quickly.ᅠ That's because a revolutionary cosmetic dental procedure has been perfected that will whiten your teeth up to 8 shades lighter in just an hour and a half. This treatment is Zoom! Teeth Whitening.

The Zoom! Teeth Whitening treatment is available as an in-office service or as an at-home kit.ᅠ For patients that prefer to have a cosmetic dentist performing the one-hour treatment, they will find that their teeth will appear up to eight shades brighter in one trip to the dentist.ᅠ The reason why the Zoom treatment is so effective is because of the new dental technology that it uses.ᅠ A special whitening gel that contains hydrogen peroxide will be spread over your teeth, followed by application of a Zoom! low-heat wand that is shone over the teeth, which breaks down the hydrogen peroxide contained in the whitening gel, allowing oxygen to enter the teeth bleaching the dentin and enamel.ᅠ What results are bright looking smiles that will dazzle everybody!

For the person who prefers to have their teeth whitening performed at home you can do so with the Zoom! Take-Home System.ᅠ All that you need to do is visit your dentist so they could make an impression of your teeth. From this impression, they will make a custom-made tray that you take home with you. Additionally, the dentist will provide you with a teeth-whitening gel that works in the same manner as the one used in the Zoom dental office treatment system.ᅠ People that have used this treatment have found that their teeth will be up to six shades brighter after just three quick applications.

Appropriately called Zoom!, due to how quickly it takes to produce noticeable results, the Zoom! Teeth Whitening system is amongst the most popular cosmetic dental procedures in Oklahoma City.ᅠ To find an experienced Oklahoma City cosmetic dentist who can perform this procedure for you.

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