Vanncouver Zoom Teeth Whitening Cosmetic Dentist

When was the last time someone complimented you on your teeth's glaring yellow tinge?ᅠ Not recently I bet, and probably never ever.ᅠ That is because everybody knows that a beautiful smile sparkles with gleaming white teeth.ᅠ Don't be too sad about your teeth's condition ヨ you'll be hard pressed to find many people with dazzling white teeth.ᅠ Eating foods and drinking liquids rich with dyes and color additives can take a toll on your teeth's enamel, turning it yellow and brown over many years.ᅠ That is why whenever you do see someone with shiny white teeth it leaves a memorable and lasting impression.ᅠ Now you can leave a lasting impression with Vancouver Zoom teeth whitening at the Ironwoods Dental Center. ᅠ

It's so fast, easy, and effective, that more and more people are jumping onto the teeth-whitening train.ᅠ It's no different here in beautiful Vancouver, British Columbia.ᅠ For superior teeth whitening service in the Greater Vancouver Metropolitan Area, your best bet is with Dr. Sheena Sood and her accomplished dental staff at Ironwoods Dental Center, located in the City of Richmond.

Dr. Sood and her Ironwoods Dental Center associates deal with an increasing number of people who express unhappiness about their teeth color.ᅠ Not only will teeth that are no longer white negatively impact your smile, it will offset your whole appearance and image.ᅠ It's easy to forget that the smile is often the most warm and appealing feature on a person.ᅠ If your appearance is feeling tarnished, it is likely that your confidence and self-esteem has taken a setback.ᅠ But no worries, all of this can be restored with Vancouver zoom teeth whitening.ᅠᅠᅠᅠᅠ ᅠ

Here in Vancouver's Ironwoods Dental Center, two Zoom teeth whitening options exists for the patient's choice.ᅠ One can be performed in the office, while the other is take home kit.ᅠ Both teeth whitening procedures are similar in that they both entail the application of a teeth-whitening agent and the activation of the agent with a special light, which will work to eliminate those stain-causing molecules from your teeth's enamel.ᅠ The difference is that the In-Office treatment is complete after a one-hour session while the Take-Home kit requires the whitening agent to be applied for four consecutive days.ᅠ A special note is that teeth whitening results from the In-Office treatment is typically better that the Take-Home Kit.
Whatever your choice is, you can be sure that your teeth will look significantly whiter.ᅠ What are you waiting for ヨ improve your smile's appearance with Vancouver Zoom teeth whitening at Ironwoods Dental Center!

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