Reline refers to a dental procedure in which the entire tissue side of a denture is replaced with a new plastic to compensate for bone loss and improve the fit of the denture. It is used in cases where the denture looks and bites right but does not fit well. Often a reline is recommended in instances where a denture is no longer as secure as it once was. This usually occurs after several years of denture use.

There are two basic types of denture relines: hard permanent reline and soft reline. A hard permanent reline is usually stronger than a soft reline and does not require the same degree of frequent removal and repair that a soft recline does. However a soft reline can be achieved in a shorter span of time although either relines can be achieved in a single day.

Either reline can be done directly (chair side at the dental office) or indirectly (in conjunction with a dental laboratory.) If done indirectly the reline tends to be more durable. Relines are an important way of maintaining healthy and effective dentures. Considering that dentures provide support for facial measures improve oral functions such as speech and chewing ability as well as enhances one's facial appearance and smile relines are a vital component of denture care.

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