Trench Mouth

Trench Mouth or Acute Necrotizing Ulcerative Gingivitis (ANUG) is a highly painful form of gingivitis or gum inflammation. Under normal conditions a balance of microorganisms fills the mouth. An overabundance of normal mouth bacteria leads to gum infection. If this gum infection leads to ulcers mucousy legions in the mouth the sufferer is said to have Trench Mouth. The condition got its name from World War One when this form of gingivitis was rampant among soldiers in trenches.

Poor oral hygiene improper nutrition smoking emotional stress and other mouth infections can all put you at risk for trench mouth. The disorder is rare most often affecting people aged 35 and under. Symptoms tend to occur suddenly and can include:

Pain in the gums Bleeding gums Red swollen gums Grayish film on gums Deep ulcers between the teeth Foul taste and odour in mouth Fever

The condition of the gums and the presence of ulcers will indicate to your dentist that trench mouth is a possiblity. X-rays can confirm the diagnosis. Treatment can include antibiotics rinsing with hydrogen peroxide to remove decayed gum tissue painkillers and soothing rinses to ease irritation and discomfort and a thorough cleaning by your dentist. All potential irritants such as smoking and spicy foods must be avoided during treatment. Once treatment is complete proper oral hygiene is a mandatory measure in preventing a relapse.

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