Bad toothache after getting a filling

I had a filling today and I am in pain. It feels like bad toothache. Is this normal and will it go soon?

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Why does it hurt for a week after I get a filling done?
Every time I get a filling, my dentist has to give me 5 shots to numb the area and then it usually hurts for a week or more after. What could be the problem?

Do fillings usually fall out after a certain amount of time?
Are fillings permanent, or do they eventually always fall out?

Do dental fillings have to be replaced?
How long do fillings usually last?

Should I get a Second Opinion?
I have never had cavity's and all of a sudden I switch to a new dentist and had one. I said ok and got it filled. Now he is saying there are 5 more! This just does not seem right to me. What should I do?

Still have pain after my tooth was filled, do I need a root canal?
I recently was having extremely horrible tooth pain. I had a hole on the bottom of one of my back tooth He filled the tooth. It hurts very bad and I still think i need a root canal. It is a constant pain that wont go away. Do I need it pulled?

How long can a hematoma last for after having dental fillings?
I had a tooth filled and the next day my lower gum had begun to swell at the injection site. The swelling has since gone down, but it is still a little sensitive when pressure is applied. How long will it take for the hematoma to go away?

It's been a little over a week since my wisdom tooth was filled and my gum still hurts, is this normal?
I my wisdom tooth filled a little over a week ago. My dentist used a numbing tool that beeped (i don't know what it's called). Since the treatment my gum hurts. Is this normal?

My two front teeth hurt after getting a filling. Is it normal?
I got 2 of my front teeth filled about a week ago. Both of them still hurt, even when I'm not eating or drinking. Is this normal?

Is it normal to have tooth ache and headache one week after a filling?
My tooth is painful after my filling, even my head and all my teeth are aching. The filling was done one week ago. What should I do for the pain?

Can a filling cause other teeth to hurt?
I had a filling on the top right side of my mouth about two weeks ago. Since then, my bottom right teeth have been aching. I can't eat or drink anything on my right side. If any food or drinks go to the right side I feel instant pain. I went back to the dentist yesterday and he reshaped the tooth with the filling on the top right, but it still hurts. What should I do? Can a filling cause other teeth to hurt?

I have a very small cavity, what shall i do?
I'm worried about my teeth. I found a very small cavity on the right side of my front teeth. What can I about it?

Is going back to the dentist 3 times to have a cavity filling adjusted normal? Or, should I start looking for a new dentist?
I've had 3 fillings; 2 from my first dentist who left, and the latest one from a new dentist. When the numbness wore off after my last filling, I was in horrible pain. I went back and got it adjusted. It was OK for a few days, but now I have to go back because it's hurting again. Is this normal? Should I look for another dentist?

How can I reduce the pain I'm experiencing after a dental filling?
I had a dental filling done today. I'm in so much pain. I've taken painkillers, but I still feel very uncomfortable. What should I do?

What cost-effective measures can treat cavities, decay, and receding gums?
For the past 7 yrs I have had problems with my teeth. Not only do I have a number of cavities, but there is decay and my gums are receding to the tops of my teeth. I think it may be due to gastroesophageal reflux disease. What cost-effective measures can I take to resolve these problems? Also, how do I find out what is causing these problems to occur?

Why am I now beginning to feel pain 9 months after having my upper and lower teeth filled?
About 9 months ago I had my lower and upper teeth filled. For a week now I've experienced pain. I cannot eat or drink. When I do decide to drink something, there is a weird sensation. Why is this?

Is it normal to feel pain when chewing after a deep filling?
I had a deep filling 6 days ago. There's no sensitivity to hot and cold temperatures; however, I feel pain when I try to bite down on the tooth. My dentist advised that I monitor it for another 1 or 2 weeks. Is it normal to feel pain when chewing after a deep filling?

I'm experiencing jolts of sensitivity in one of the fillings I've had for nearly two years, should I wait until my dental appointment to get checked
I have been experiencing jolts of sensitivity in one of the fillings I have had for about 2 years.There is no pain or obvious discoloration of the surrounding area. I have a scheduled a dental appointment in 2 weeks. Should I wait until my appointment to get this checked?

Pain in lying positions happens in acute pulpitis or chronic pulpitis? If so, why does it happen?
Can you please give me details about pain in lying position in acute pulpitis..why does it happen? Is there any chances for it to occur in chronic pulpitis also?

Adding new teeth for my mohter
My mother has lost some of her front teeth and few are moving. But still some are strong. Please suggest best and economical option.

1. Is it best to remove all the teeth and add enw removable teeth set?
2. To add replacement teeth for the ones that were removed or moving teeth.

Which type of dental filling should I get?
What are the differences between amalgam, composite, and ceramic fillings? Is it possible the heavy metals in the amalgam fillings could cause adverse affects later on?

Can a tooth that is rotting underneath be filled with a filling?
I have a tooth that is rotting from underneath, can my tooth be saved with a filling?

Should you teeth hurt two weeks after being filled?
My six year old daughter had two silver fillings on her top back teeth about two weeks ago. She is now complaining about pain in those two teeth. Is this normal and what should I do about it? She had two fillings the week before but they don't hurt.

I would like to know more about the white fillings
I would like to know more about the white fillings. Do they last longer? And is there any possibility that a dead tooth with a hole be filled up?

I still have pain two weeks after getting a dental filling, is this normal?
Two weeks after getting a filling in my upper right tooth I am having some numbness, jaw pain and mild headaches on the right side of my face. Oddly enough, there is no pain at the actual filling site. The dentist check and the nerve in the area is fine. I even had a second opinion. So, is all of this normal? If not, what should I do?

I'm experiencing a lot of pain and sensitivity after having a dental filling, is this normal?
I broke a back molar. After having it filled, I had a lot of sensitivity when I ate. The dentist checked the bite and filled it, but the pain didn't get any better. When I went back, he drilled a groove in the tooth and refilled it, still it didn't get any better. A new dentist redid it, but it's still sensitive. Is this normal? What should I do?

Do I need a root canal?
I got a filling more than a week ago but my tooth still hurts. According to the dentist, the cavity was large. I have had cavities before but they haven't hurt as much as this. Also, when I take painkillers the pain does go away for 4 to 5 hours. Could all of this mean that I need a root canal?

How do I know if I need a root canal?
I had a big cavity that almost reached the nerve. The tooth was filled but my dentist said I may still need a root canal. How will I know? How long can I expect my gums to hurt? Is there anything I can do to ease the pain?

Is it normal to have swelling 5 days after a filling?
It's been 5 days since having a filling and I'm still experiencing swelling. At the time of the procedure I was given 4 shots. Is what I'm feeling normal? My dentist has not returned my calls and I am getting worried due to the fact that the swelling is pretty severe.

Why do I still feel pain days after having my fillings done? Should I be worried?
I had four fillings done on my front teeth with four different shots. Now it's a few days later and I'm feeling awful pain on my front tooth. The entire tooth is sensitive, so much so that if I just move my lip it starts throbbing. Should I be worried? Why do I still have pain?

I have severe pain and a sore throat after getting a filling, is this normal?
I had a filling in my upper tooth on a Monday (a 1st and 2nd premolar). The first premolar had a filling in the past but it came out and the decay increased as a result, so another filling was necessary. I have severe pain at the filling site and gum line. I also have a severe sore throat. Is any of this normal?

After having a filling, is it normal to have pain at the injection site?
My top left wisdom tooth cracked so I received a filling. It's been about two days and I have pain where my dentist put the injection. Is that normal?

Why do my teeth hurt weeks after getting fillings?
I got 6 fillings about 2 weeks ago on my right side and front teeth. My teeth are achy & every time I eat it hurts more. I have taken the 800mg of Ibuprofen that were given to me, but the pain has not subsided. It has gotten to the point where I have avoided eating because of the pain. Why am I experiencing so much pain? Should I contact my dentist?

The gum line above my two front teeth feels rough and sore. Is this normal after getting dental fillings?
I just had small fillings done on my front teeth. The gum line above my two front teeth feels rough and sore. Is this normal?

Is it normal to have pain and discomfort the day after getting a filling?
I had a temporary filling put in today after a long time of pain. But, even after the procedure, I am still experiencing discomfort and pain. It has been a day already. Is this normal?

Why do I have pain after a filling? I've had a filling before and it didn't hurt.
I just got a filling done today on the left side of my mouth (in the back). After the numbness went away, it felt like a toothache. I've had a filling before and it didn't hurt. Why am I am pain now after having a filling?

My tooth seems to be a lot worse after getting a dental filling, why is that?
I went to the dentist and he said I would have to get a temporary filling and come back in two months to see if I need a root canal. A week later and my tooth hurts so much more than before. It feels like my tooth is about to fall out. Why is this happening? What should I do?

Three weeks after a deep filling I am in extreme pain. Is this normal? What about the procedure could be causing this much pain?
Three weeks after a deep filling i am in EXTREME pain. Instead of getting better, it's getting worse and worse. One thing I noticed after the filling was a sensitivity to heat. Is this normal? What about the procedure could be causing this much pain? How can I reduce the discomfort?

Is it normal for a new white dental filling on a front tooth to have dark areas around the filling - like a gray outline?
The filling was done less than a week ago. It kind of matches my tooth but all around the filling it looks like it's outlined. I'm worried it may not have been filled correctly.

Is there any way I could get 'put under' and have all teeth fixed in one day in nova scotia??
I am 21 yrs old. I have already had 2 teeth pulled and I have cavities in every other toth in my head and 3 molars are literally falling apart piece by piece. One dentist told me I had periodontal disease , one told me I didn't .

Why am I still in pain 3 weeks after replacing two cavities?
Two-and-a-half weeks ago, I had two fillings removed and replaced on the lower left side. I went back twice to have the "high bite" adjusted, and my dentist explained I also had a hematoma. Ibruprofen helps, but how long I can expect to be in pain?

My dentist has deadened the nerve in my cracked tooth and I have to go back to have it extracted. Why am I still in severe pain?
My molar is cracked all the way through, and there is some infection. I had the nerve deadened today, but I will need to return for extraction. I currently have a temporary filling. Despite deadening the nerve, the pain has not subsided. In fact, it has worsened over 12 hrs. Is this normal?

What is the likely route that my dentist will take during my procedure?
My last dentist had to give me the maximum amount of anesthetics just to pull one tooth because my blood pressure went through the roof. I have an irrational fear of needles and I'm having two fillings on my lower jaw. I'm curious about it. What should I expect?

I had a molar filled 2 days ago and it still hurts. How long will the pain last?
I had a molar filled and the pain is still there. It's usually a mild pain, but whenever I eat something hot it becomes a moderate pain. How long until the pain finally goes away? Last week I had a wisdom tooth-next to that particular molar-pulled.

My teeth are hurting and I have chronic headaches after getting 3 cavities filled, is this normal? What should I do?
I had 3 cavities filled 2 weeks ago. My teeth started hurting about a week after and I get constant headaches. The pain affects almost that entire side of my mouth, even my jaw. What should I do?

Why do I have canker sores after a filling? Could it be from the anesthesia used?
I had a dental filling recently. For some reason I've developed canker sores. Why would this happen after the procedure? Could it be from the anesthesia used? He used Lidocaine and Septocaine. How long will it take for these sores to go away? What can I do to get rid of them quickly?

I had dental fillings done 2 weeks ago and it still hurts, what should I do?
I had a procedure two weeks ago that consisted of filling two of my back, bottom teeth (left side). The pain is so severe that I woke up in the middle of the night three times. In fact, the pain is constantly there. I've taken painkillers with water, but that just makes it worse. What should I do?

Is it normal to have major headaches and pain two weeks after getting dental fillings?
I got a filling on the side of my tooth. It's still very sensitive and I still have a lot of pain after two weeks. I also have major headaches. Is this normal? I'm 11 weeks pregnant, too.

I have pain 7 days after having a filling and nerve removed, is this normal?
I had a current filing and nerve removed due to decay 7 days ago and have a temp filling now; however, my tooth is super sore and my surrounding teeth are painful. Is this normal or should I seek advice?

I have a red spot on my gum after receiving anesthesia for a filling, is this normal?
I have a swollen red spot on the gum surrounding my lower wisdom tooth. It occurred after being given anesthesia for a filling. The tooth itself doesn't hurt and it doesn't hurt to chew, but each time my tongue hits the area it hurts. Is this normal?

What can I do for swelling in my jaw after a filling?
I had four fillings done about 3 days ago and my face is still swollen. What can I do to alleviate the swelling?

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