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Your smile is the first thing someone notices about you, and people often make a judgement about your personality based on your smile. Thanks to the growing field of cosmetic dentistry and professionals dedicated to appearance related dental care, people no longer have to live with the smile they were born with. A great smile is not just for celebrities and hollywood actors, anyone these days can get the smile they've always dreamed of with the help of an experienced and trained dentist. There are many different procedures in the field of cosmetic dentistry to help a variety of smile problems from teeth whitening, crowns and dental bridges, white fillings, dental implants and of course porcelain veneers. With cosmetic dentistry your new smile can make you more self confident, have greater self esteem and drastically improve your personal life and career. We've seen it many times over on the dental makeover shows, the teeth make the most dramatic improvement to ones appearance and far outweigh any other cosmetic surgery procedure.

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Does this story sound familiar?

"Growing up, I was always insecure about my smile, everyone in school seemed to have perfect teeth except me. I never seemed to smile much because I was embarassed to show my crooked teeth. Sometimes, I would even put my hand in front of my mouth to cover my smile. My parents were so supportive but they couldn't afford braces. As the years passed, I become more self conscious about my smile, people would comment on how nice my friends teeth were and all I got was a simple hello. I never understood how hollywood actors and celebrities were all lucky to be born with perfect teeth.

As the years passed I started to drink coffee and the odd glass of red wine at dinner and now my misaligned teeth were not only crooked but now they were stained. Braces ( train tracks were not an option ) and teeth whitening would only fix part of the problem, I still had crooked teeth. I forgot to mention I was terrified of the dentist due to a childhood incident where one of my dentists yelled and screamed at me for crying after I had broken a tooth in the playground. Finally, one day I was forced to go to the dentist beacuse an old silver filling had cracked and needed repair. This was the best day of my life because I went to a cosmetic dentist and he opened up a world of possibilities for me with cosmetic dentistry. He replaced the filling with a white tooth colored one and then showed me how he could fix my crooked teeth and old bonding with porcelain veneers. He showed me his before and after photos of cosmetic dentistry cases he performed and they amazed me, these people had worse smiles than I had and after cosmetic dentistry they all had smiles like hollywood stars.

The cosmetic dentist I met with told me he fixed their smiles with porcelain veneers, so naturally I asked how much it would cost to fix my smile. The cost was much higher than I anticipated, however, all I could think about was having straight white perfect teeth and realized this was an investment in myself. Cosmetic dentistry is a personal investment and compared to what I've spent on material things like cars and other big ticket items, how could I put a price on a bright and beautiful smile. I decided to go ahead with the cosmetic dentistry (porcelain veneers) and its the best investment I have ever made in myself!

I get compliments about my teeth everywhere I go. They all comment on how lucky I am to have such straight white teeth, little do they know I got porcelain veneers. My smile is bigger than ever and I highy recommend cosmetic dentistry to anyone that is unhappy with their smile like I was. Its changed my life and I am forever grateful for my new smile. This is one of thousands of cosmetic dental experiences and you too can experience the benefits of cosmetic dentistry.

Porcelain veneers are one of many cosmetic dentistry solutions for your teeth, they can fix common smile challenges such as: Whitening stained teeth with beautiful porcelain veneers. Improve a gummy smile with gingival contouring and porcelain laminates. Close tooth gaps quickly often in as little as two appointments. Restore chipped teeth with porcelain instead of dental bonding. Replace silver amalgam fillings with white or tooth colored fillings that are more esthetically pleasing and safer. Veneers can be a great alternative to traditional orthodontics to give the appearance of perfectly straight teeth without having to wear braces. If you have short teeth the veneer procedure can make your teeth longer for a fuller and brighter smile. Overlapping and rotated teeth can also be corrected with veneers. Whatever your smile enhancement needs are, a cosmetic dentist with post graduate training in cosmetic dentistry can help you obtain a better smile, the one you've always dreamed of. Dental find will also be bringing you information about some of the new entry level smile makeover options one of which is called Glam Smile from Belgium. Will also take a closer look at Briteveneers. Ever since Extreme Makeover made the veneers from Da Vinci dental studios a brand name many other companies have initiated their own campaigns, look for our independent veneer review.