Lingual Braces Berwyn, IL

Many people, especially adults, avoid getting the necessary orthodontic treatment because they feel self-conscious about having to wear metal over the front of their teeth.  For this reason, there are Lingual braces.  These types of braces are placed on the back surface of the teeth, remaining completely hidden.  Lingual braces work just as effectively as traditional braces to move teeth to their optimal position, without anyone being able to tell. 

The major benefit of lingual braces is their invisibility, making them a popular solution for adults, business professionals, and teens.  Patients feel more confident in their appearance, while getting the oral health care they need.

Lingual braces are also a great solution for athletes playing contact sports.  Because, all the dental hardware is placed on the inside of the teeth, there is no worry about being hit in the mouth and injuring your lip on the metal brackets.  

Dr. Tahir will custom design your Lingual braces for a comfortable and secure fit.  Call to book your consultation with Dr. Tahir today.

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