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Metal braces are something that we are all familiar with.ᅠ They have haunted us as children and they have an amazing ability to attract derogatory nicknames to their owners:

ヤHey brace-face!ヤ

ヤWhat's up metal mouth?ヤ

You get the idea.

It seems though that people are becoming less and less eager to subject themselves to these kinds of torturous comments. More and more people are opting for invisible braces and other means of eliminating this nasty little problem.

Of course metal braces do still exist and some people who opt for invisible braces try and split the difference cost-wise and have the less expensive metal braces installed on the bottom level of teeth and then choose the invisible braces for the top level.

This makes pretty good sense considering how much cheaper metal braces have become, as opposed to their invisible brethren. But that hasn't stopped people from spending thousands of dollars just to avoid having metal braces in their mouth.

For instance, the lingual brace technique, where the braces are inserted on the backs of teeth, thus preserving the smile of the wearer as almost always done with metal braces because nobody is going to see them.

But some people hate the idea of having a mouth full of metal so much they opt for invisible braces on the insides of their teeth just so in the off chance that some person is going to look into the inside of their mouth, they wont be offended.ᅠ Silly eh?

My suggestion however, is to go ahead and have metal braces.ᅠ After all, aren't people who opt out of the mainstream considered cool? Plus with all of the extra money you'll save you can buy a car or something, which will out last your braces and it'll be metal that will actually get you places.

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