Speed Braces Berwyn, IL

Many people don’t want to go through three or more years of wearing metal brackets and wires on their teeth.  For those who don’t have the patience to wait for several years, speed braces is the perfect alternative.  Just like the name suggests, speed braces speed up the orthodontic process and can help cut treatment time in half.  Instead of wearing traditional metal braces for 12-20 months on average, speed braces require only 6-9 months to complete.

This incredible technology uses very tiny, “self ligating” brackets that hold the wire in place, without elastics or extra wire.  The brackets use a sliding device that allows the wire to slide freely through the brackets as the teeth shift.  Speed braces move teeth more quickly and comfortably, with fewer adjustments needed.  They are also easier to clean because of how small the brackets are.  Patients can easily brush and floss their teeth, helping maintain exceptional oral hygiene and because they are worn for half the time of regular braces, teeth are less susceptible to developing stains and spots.

To find out if speed braces are right for you, call to book a consultation with Dr. Tahir today.

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