Buck Teeth

Have you endured years of teasing because of your prominent buck teeth? If you’re sick of always being compared to a field mouse or a rabbit than it may be time to make a change for the better.

Buck teeth can be embarrassing and uncomfortable, but there are treatment options for people who suffer with this dental dilemma.

Having buck teeth, or an overbite, means having an upper jaw, or a few upper teeth, that project ahead of the lower jaw line. There are various dental appliances that can be used to correct this problem but the most popular, and often most effective are orthodontic braces.

Braces involve a combination of bands, wires and brackets. The brackets are attached to the teeth and then the wires are passed through these brackets and held in place with specially designed bands. With this sort of treatment buckteeth can be straightened as the braces are tightened over time. The tightening actually works to move the protruding teeth into the correct position above the lower jaw line.

It usually takes a few years for buckteeth to be corrected by braces because the teeth tend to move slowly and incrementally as the braces are tightened each month. Regardless, of the time and slight discomfort involved with braces they almost always provide their wearers with a stunning transformation.

Buck teeth are sometimes a hereditary problem, but other times they appear as a result of thumb-sucking or tongue-thrusting. In any case a severe overbite and buckteeth can not only negatively affect a person’s appearance, they can also lead to speech impediments and difficultly chewing.

Because buck teeth can lead to both aesthetic and functional problems it is important to attempt to fix them before the problem worsens. Many people who grow up with buck teeth have braces in adolescence, but even adults with buck teeth can benefit from corrective orthodontics.

Don’t let your teeth define who you are or hold you back from laughing, smiling and feeling confident. Keep in mind that for every dental problem there is a solution; so don’t suffer another minute with buck teeth.

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