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Dr. Kenneth B. Siegel DMD and his Dental Excellence of Blue Bell practice is your source for Philadelphia laser dentistry…

Imagine a visit to the dentist that is free of pain!  No, you’re just not going to just be sitting in the waiting room.  This is a full fledge dental visit complete with you lying under the scrutinizing bright light with your mouth open and the dentist examining you.  Heck, you could be in for a root canal, and you won’t feel any pain.  No, this is not some kind of perverse joke.  And no, there is no strings attached.  Pain free dental visits are a reality today right here in Philadelphia with Dr. Kenneth Siegel via laser dentistry.

The Millennium Water Laser is the groundbreaking new tool used by dentists that are on the cutting-edge.  From the very beginning, Dr. Siegel has been a strong advocate of laser dentistry becoming a leading expert in this revolutionary field of dentistry.  His expertise with the Millennium Water Laser is so complete that he has even appeared in a CBS news segment discussing the benefits of laser dentistry.   

Laser dentistry with the Millennium Water Laser essentially replaces the use of the cumbersome, and nightmare-inducing dental instrument we all love to hate – the dental drill.  Laser dentistry can be used for such general dental procedures like decay removal, cavity prevention, and complete root canal.  In regards to cosmetic dentistry procedures, laser dentistry can be used on general soft tissue procedures such as reshaping and recontouring the gums, perfect for those with a “gummy” smile.  

So how does the Millennium Water Laser work?  The magic word is Hydrokinetic Energy.  This energy is produced when water droplets are ‘energized’ with the laser.  It is these laser-energized water that can act upon the teeth or gums with no heat and virtually no pain.  Best of all, the use of laser means pinpoint precision reducing the dentist’s margin of error.  In addition, the laser sterilizes as it works on your teeth and gums preventing any likelihood of bacterial contamination.  

A member of the Academy of Laser Dentistry, Dr. Siegel is arguably the leading expert of laser dentistry in the Philadelphia area.  His skill with operating this complex machine is remarkable so you can feel safe and secure knowing that he is doing the job.  Besides, it’s not going to hurt anyways!  You’ll walk away with your teeth fixed without even knowing its been worked on.  Pretty soon, you’ll look forward to coming to the dentist…  OK, that could be a bit of stretch.

If you have any questions pertaining to laser dentistry and the Millennium Water Laser, Dr. Siegel would be more than happy to address them.  See what laser dentistry can do for you today!

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