Dental Bonding Material Allergy

Although dental bonding can be an extremely fast and convenient alternative when it comes to fixing chipped, cracked, crooked or stained teeth, for people with dental bonding material allergies, this treatment could end up being extremely detrimental.

Most dental bonding materials that are designed to match the natural color of teeth contain a mild form of epoxy resin called composite resin, which is an extremely adhesive chemical that can cause irritation and allergic reactions in some people. A dental bonding material allergy can lead to dermatitis, skin rash, blistering, itching or burning, though these symptoms only usually tend to appear in highly sensitive people with severe epoxy resin allergies.

Though they are also rare, dental bonding material allergies aren't just restricted to composite resin allergies, there have also been cases where dental patients have had adverse reactions to gold and silver amalgam fillings. Amalgam allergies can surface anywhere from a few hours to a few days after a person has been exposed to this material and symptoms can include swollen lips, oral, head and neck rashes and sometimes lesions appear in the oral cavity. Though these symptoms sound severe, most tend to clear up on their own without medical intervention a few days after they appear.

Though there is always a small chance that anyone could experience a dental bonding material allergy, most of us will never have any sort of reaction to dental bonding treatments. Unless your body is extremely sensitive and you tend to have a reaction to just about everything you touch, there isn't really any need to fret over having an allergic reaction when you go to have teeth bonded.

However, if you are concerned that you might have a reaction to either composite resin or amalgam fillings you can visit an allergist before your dental appointment to have a quick patch test done on your skin to see if you experience any sort of side effects from either material.

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