Dental Crowns and Bridges Birmingham

Dental crowns work very much like ムcaps' for your teeth. They are made to match the shape, size and color of your teeth and are then placed over the damaged tooth to restore it back to its beauty and function. As for bridges, they too can be designed to match your own teeth flawlessly so that you get a very natural looking replacement for your missing teeth. The replacement teeth are then attached to your surrounding teeth so they can ムbridge the gap' that was left by your missing tooth/teeth. And, both dental crowns and bridges work to not only make your smile complete and beautiful again but also to help keep your remaining natural teeth from shifting and interfering with your bite and speech.

The creation of dental crowns and bridges is quite simple starting with an oral exam first and then taking an impression of your bite in order to design the replacements from. They are custom-made just for you which is why they are able to that they look so natural and feel comfortable.

Dental Crowns and bridges are a fast and effective way to restore your smile in every way.

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