Dental Crowns and Bridges Tuscaloosa

And if that weren’t enough; dental crowns and bridges can also help to build your confidence so that you enjoy smiling again.

Dental crowns are much like ‘caps’ for your teeth. They can be matched to the shape and color of your teeth and placed over top of a damaged or broken tooth to restore its function and appearance. And bridges which can also be designed to match your natural teeth perfectly are used to create a replacement for missing or lost teeth. The replacement tooth/teeth are attached to the surrounding teeth so that they ‘bridge the gap’ left by your missing teeth. Both dental crowns and bridges can help keep your other teeth from shifting and affecting your bite and smile.

The creation of either is simple and usually begins with an oral exam and taking an impression of your bite. Dental crowns and bridges are custom made for you so that they look and feel natural. They are a quick and effective way to restore a smile’s appearance and function.

Book a consultation and see what dental crowns and bridges can do for your smile.

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