Dental Crowns During Pregnancy

When you are pregnant there is always that thought in your mind that you and another person will do what you do when you are expecting.  This can extend into the realm of dentistry.

Generally the consensus is that when you are pregnant you should visit the dentist like you would if you were not pregnant.  Taking care of your teeth is essential no matter when and what your circumstances are.

If you are planning a pregnancy, you should see a dentist if it has been over six months since your last visit. This is a good time to see that your gums and teeth are healthy and in good repair and to review good oral hygiene practices with your dentist or hygienist. Adequate calcium intake before and during pregnancy is also important.

If you are already pregnant you should continue with your regular appointments, or schedule appointments with a new dentist if your are not regularly seeing one. If you are looking for dental crowns there are a few things that you should keep in mind.

Firstly, many women tend to experience sensitive gums when they are pregnant.  This could make any dental procedures a little more uncomfortable than usual.  This is especially true for dental crowns that require your teeth to put up with more stress and stain than usual.

The other major concern that a pregnant woman may have when she is looking to have dental crowns added to her mouth.  That is the X-Ray factor.  Many women do not feel comfortable exposing their unborn baby to the radiation of the X-ray.

A dentist will ensure you that there is no danger to the baby if a lead vest is placed over your abdomen but for many women this is not enough of a guarantee that the radiation wont affect the baby.  And since it is impossible to have dental crowns implanted without an X-ray, there is no way a concerned woman will feel safe.

The best advice is to wait until after your pregnancy to have your dental crown procedure.  You will have a fair amount of time off anyway and this will make the short recovery time even easier.

There is also the added effect that you can give your self that little pick me up, that might come in handy if you are having any post-pregnancy confidence issues.

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