What Is a Temporary Dental Crown?

A temporary dental crown is used to cover a damaged tooth while awaiting the preparation of a permanent dental crown or bridge. A temporary dental crown allows a worn away tooth to become more functional. It also keeps your smile intact. Since the dentist prepares the damage tooth by grinding off a part of it before making a cast for a permanent dental crown, the prepared tooth can be sensitive to heat and cold and can feel uncomfortable in your mouth.

A temporary dental crown reduces this discomfort. It protects the dentine of the damaged tooth and also keeps the gums healthy as it prevents irritation by keeping them in their original position. There is also the additional danger of your teeth shifting. This is prevented by the temporary dental crown as it fills any space that’s created when your damaged tooth is prepared.

Difference between a Permanent and a Temporary Dental Crown

While a permanent dental crown can only be made in a dental laboratory, a temporary dental crown can be made by the dentist in his office. A permanent dental crown is durable and is fixed firmly to the tooth. A temporary dental crown on the other hand needn’t be very durable. It’s fixed with weak cement to the tooth as it needs to be removed within a short period of time.


You should make sure that the temporary crown isn’t dislodged, and you must refrain from eating sticky foods such as chewing gum and hard foods like raw fruits and vegetables. It’s best to chew less on the side of the mouth where the crown is fitted. You should also brush and floss your teeth regularly while exerting extra caution when flossing.

Temporary dental crowns are made of acrylic or metal and are a boon to patients awaiting their permanent dental crowns.

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