Why Is Crown Lengthening Needed?

The dental process called crown lengthening is a procedure that helps increase the accessible surface of the teeth. It basically involves moving the gum line to expose more of the tooth surface.

Reasons for Crown Lengthening

In most medically necessary cases of crown lengthening, the procedure is done to fix some kind of problem under the gum line. Without adequate home care, or in some specific dental situations, bacteria can build up under the gum line over time. Gingivitis or similar conditions may cause gum problems or even cause decay of the teeth under the gum line. If there is decay under the gum line and the dentist cannot reach that area of the teeth, crown lengthening may provide more access to the deeper parts of the teeth. This is one of the main causes of a crown lengthening treatment for a dental patient.

Other Uses of Crown Lengthening

Dentists or other professionals might also do crown lengthening in order to change the appearance of the mouth, for example, when the gums present themselves in a way that the patient does not like. Cosmetic crown lengthening is sometimes part of a strategy for working on the perfect smile, but in many cases, it arises from medical necessity.

Talk to your dentist about the reasons that he has recommended crown lengthening. Discuss the risks and benefits of this procedure before going ahead with the dental treatment, in order to get the dental strategy that you want from a provider.

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