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Chandler dentist, Dr. Shumway offers his patients a variety of options when it comes to filings so you can restore your teeth's health in the way that best fits your needs as well as your budget.

In cases where the cavity is too big or there has been excessive damage done to the tooth structure, a crown (also known as a ムcap') may be needed in order to help preserve the tooth and make it stronger. In most cases a filing is enough to protect and restore your tooth and these filings can be made of options of gold, amalgam (silver) or porcelain. Gold fillings, while fairly expensive, are commonly used as a cosmetic preference and also for their incredible durability. Amalgam filings, which are the commonly used silver fillings, are inexpensive but not the most attractive because of their dark and obvious color. And porcelain fillingsラalso known as inlays or onlaysラare expensive but worth it thanks to being extremely durable and very natural looking as they can be stained to perfectly match the shade of your own teeth.

To book your appointment to have a cavity filled or to talk to Dr. Shumway and his team about the different fillings, please contact the office. Having your cavities filled is a crucial part of keeping your teeth and gums healthy.

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