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Gilbert , AZ dentist Dr. Shumway offers a variety of options when it comes to filings so that you can repair your teeth in a way that best suits your tastes and fits your budget.

In some cases where the cavity is too large or there has been too much damage done to the tooth structure, a crown (cap) may be required to help preserve and strengthen the tooth. In most cases though a filing is sufficient to protect and restore your tooth's health. The options of filing types available are; gold filings, amalgam (silver) fillings or porcelain fillings. Gold fillings, though expensive, are often used as a cosmetic preference as well as for their durability. Amalgam filings are the common silver fillings that most people have. They are inexpensive but not the most aesthetically pleasing because of their color. And porcelain fillings, which are also known as inlays or onlays are expensive but extremely durable and natural looking because they can be stained to match the shade of your teeth.

Contact Dr. Shumway's office to book your appointment to have a cavity filled or to find out more about treating your decay and cavities with the filing type of your choosing to help keep your smile healthy.

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