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Dr. Kenneth Siegel and his Center City dental practice is your source for Philadelphia dental implantsナ

Anytime you lose a tooth, it is a harsh blow.ᅠ Besides losing the functionality of that tooth, a missing tooth can also have a negative impact on your smile and overall appearance.ᅠᅠ This in turn can have damaging effects on your confidence and self-esteem.ᅠ ᅠ

In the majority of cases, most people with missing teeth can rectify their situation through dental bridgework.ᅠ A dental bridge is essentially a false tooth (also known as a pontic) that is held together by crowns on the adjacent sides.ᅠ If you are missing just one tooth, the major disadvantage is that the adjacent teeth must be prepared (shaved down) to accommodate the crowns that will hold the bridge in place.ᅠ Another disadvantage of dental bridges is that many people have issues with comfort. ᅠ

Whether you have one missing tooth or many, there is an alternative to dental bridge, one that has gained popularity to supplant the bridge as the preferred choice to replacing missing teeth.ᅠ This choice is Dental Implants. ᅠ

Dental implants are essentially a special titanium screw that can be fused with biological (bone) tissue when it is anchored into the jawbone.ᅠ Once fused firmly and incorporated with the jawbone, a porcelain crown can then be fastened into the exposed portion of the dental implant creating a brand new artificial tooth that looks and feel like the real thing.ᅠ Best of all, the adjacent teeth do not need to be impacted like they would if bridges were applied. ᅠ

In the unfortunate case of having many teeth, dental implants can also be a valuable device.ᅠ While you can replace many teeth with individual dental implants in each location where there is a missing tooth, a much more affordable, and equally effective, solution are dental implant supported dentures or bridges.ᅠ In these cases, the dental bridge is used as a support mechanism to prevent the uncomfortable feeling of the denture or bridge from moving around in the mouth.ᅠ This is a common complaint of many denture wearers, and thus, dental implants are becoming more popular with them. ᅠ

In the Philadelphia area, Dr. Kenneth Siegelᅠ is one of the foremost experts in implant dentistry.ᅠ He is a Member of the American College of Implantology and has received special instruction at the renowned Las Vegas Institute for Advanced Dental Studies where he has completed training modules in Full Mouth Reconstruction and Advanced Aesthetics.ᅠ Quite simply, you can be sure you're receiving the highest quality treatment with Dr. Kenneth Siegel. Get dental implants in Philadelphia from Dr. Kenneth Siegel.

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