Dentures & Denture Creams: Surprising Facts

Dentures have traditionally been associated with senior citizens who need a strong set of teeth to chew their food and to speak properly. Dentures are also beneficial for younger people who are having issues with their teeth. You may be surprised to learn that plenty of younger people wear some form of a denture—it’s just not something that you bring up in every day conversation. Here are a few other surprising facts about dentures and also denture creams that you should know before visiting your dentist for a consultation.

Dentures Come as Partials

You may think that dentures are only for people who have absolutely none of their original teeth left, but the truth is that you can get a partial denture to fill in a space between your natural teeth. A partial denture is a set of a few artificial teeth attached to an acrylic base (resembling the gums) and a wire connector that holds it in place. Another option is a dental bridge, which is just one artificial tooth that is anchored between two adjacent natural teeth.

Dentures Are Longer Lasting Than You Think

Dentures can last up to seven years with proper care. Proper care includes brushing them, soaking them, handling them gently and keeping the rest of your mouth and gums clean and healthy. You may also have to visit your dentist each year to have your dentures adjusted for comfort.

Denture Creams: Pros and Cons

Many people use denture creams to help securely affix the dentures to their gums. Beware, because some popular denture creams have been found to contain potentially harmful levels of zinc. Excessive zinc in the human body can be poisonous, causing neurological damage or other problems.

While reports aren’t fully conclusive, experts advise that you talk to your dentist about the risks of using certain denture cream products and to always use them in moderation. Thankfully, some companies are now offering zinc-free denture creams, so check the ingredients closely.

Advanced dental technology has made wearing dentures less of a taboo for people of all ages. If you're embarrassed about the spaces in your teeth or you’re having trouble eating, don't be ashamed to ask your dentist about whether partial or full dentures are right for you. And when you do get dentures, take special care to use a zinc-free denture cream, maintain your dentures and oral health so you have beautiful teeth for many years to come.

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