Denture Liners

Dentures have been traditionally the only way to correct missing teeth.ᅠ In fact, there isn't a more economical approach to the problem considering the high cost of dental implants.ᅠ In cases where entire sets of teeth are missing, it's even impractical to consider anything else but dentures.ᅠ As great as they may seem, denture are not a solution without complications.

A majority of the problems associated with denture use can be isolated to the region that comes into contact with living tissue.ᅠ All living surface tissue needs to breath.ᅠ In the case of your mouth, the tissue also needs to be moist and stay in contact with saliva.ᅠ Wearing dentures can often isolate the tissue from the rest of the mouth, allowing bacteria to accumulate there or depriving the tissue from critical substances.

What's worse, an improperly fitted denture can cause irritation, swelling, and bleeding of the gums and adjacent tissue.ᅠ For those with sensitive gums, dentures can be extremely painful.ᅠ Even the use of adhesives to help stabilize the denture and maintain a safe distance between tissue and denture are not suitable for people with sensitive mouths.

That's where denture liners can come into play.ᅠ They're soft, elastic materials that act as a buffer between the tissue and the denture.ᅠ There are both temporary soft liners and semi-permanent liners.ᅠ The benefit of a temporary liner is a softer feel.ᅠ A semi-permanent liner tends to be a bit harder, but still soft enough to ease the use of dentures.

Denture liners are a great way to make the process of wearing dentures easier.ᅠ They can also help facilitate breathing and liquid exchange within the mouth if the material is porous.ᅠ Of course, a liner needs to be cleaned just as much as the dentures themselves.ᅠ Most liners can be used in conjunction with adhesives if stability is an issue.

If you experience discomfort and soreness while wearing dentures, and adhesives have not relieved any of these symptoms, consider asking your dentist for a soft liner.

Depending on your own unique needs, one kind of liner will be suitable for your daily use.

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