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Lost teeth are gone forever, and unless you do something about it a number of problems will eventually develop.ᅠ Missing teeth can complicate oral hygiene by trapping food and allowing bacteria to grow.ᅠ They can also ruin smiles by leaving noticeable gaps.

For hundreds of years now, dentures have been the only way to replace missing teeth.ᅠ Though adequate in their look and function, dentures leave much to be desired.ᅠ They need to be cleaned separately, and must be removed for parts of the day so that the gums beneath do not decay.ᅠ Patients with dentures also need new ones as their mouths change with time.

Lately there has been a push for denture alternatives.ᅠ At the forefront of the dentures alternatives is the dental implants.ᅠᅠ Implants are a permanent replacement for lost teeth.ᅠ They're more realistic looking, more hygienic, but more expensive at the same time.ᅠ The benefit of an implant is that the patient doesn't ever have to think about their missing teeth again.ᅠ It's permanently fixed so they can go on to live normal, fulfilling lives.

Dental implants are completed in a two-stage dental surgery.ᅠ It's considered a cosmetic procedure and won't be covered by most health plans.ᅠ The first part of a dental implant surgery is the placement of an anchor.ᅠ This is usually in the form of a prosthetic post that is drilled into place in the jawbone.ᅠ The post sticks out from the jawbone and protrudes slightly past the gums.ᅠ It's used in the second part of the surgery to hold the prosthetic tooth.ᅠ The teeth are made from some composite resin that accurately replicates the look and feel of a healthy tooth.

Only a bit of healing is required after the surgery.ᅠ Patients usually have to eat softer foods for a while until their gums have fully healed.ᅠ After everything has settled down however, patients can eat anything they want including hard nuts and other crunchy foods.

Implants are not as impervious to cracking and wear as regular teeth though, so some care should be taken to avoid chewing extremely hard food with them.ᅠ Regular checkups with the dentist are also recommended in the event that the teeth position change with time.ᅠ If the prosthetic tooth is ever damaged it may be replaced readily.ᅠ The post is the permanent portion of the implant that never needs to be replaced unless the bone density decreases significantly with age.

Dental implants are a great dentures alternative if the patient can afford the extra cost.ᅠ They're better overall in form and function, and don't require extra care beyond that of a regular tooth.

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