Dentures Chandler, AZ

Chandler dentist and denture specialist, Dr. Shumway can help you restore your smile using dentures that look natural, beautiful and feel great!

Getting your custom-made dentures begins with an appointment where Dr. Shumway can take an impression of your teeth. This mold is what will be used to design and create your new, natural looking dentures. Your custom dentures will be made to fit your teeth perfectly as well as to match the shade, shape and size of your other teeth so that you're left with a seamless smile that looks as if it's your own. And since there are partial dentures as well as full mouth dentures, you are able to replace one or all of your teeth depending on your circumstances and preferences.

Chandler denture specialist, Dr. Shumway, will ensure that your new dentures look perfectly natural and fit you like a dream. Your custom dentures won't only complete your smile but prevent bone loss and shifting that are inevitable when you have a missing tooth or missing teeth. Dentures do a whole lot more than just make your smile look better! Dentures will also help keep your smile healthy and strong for the rest of your lifetime if properly cared for. Call Chandler dental specialist, Dr. Shumway today for an appointment and start on the road to your new and complete smile.

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