Dentures Cleaning

Having dentures is like having real teeth.ᅠ You should never neglect the regular cleaning and maintenance of dentures.ᅠ After all, you paid money for them and there's no sense risking the need for premature replacement.ᅠ Aside from the monetary considerations, you need to consider the hygiene problems that could develop if you don't keep up a good regime of denture cleaning.

Since they're microscopically porous, dentures tend to accumulate bacteria that can lead to acute disorders in your mouth.ᅠ The oral environment is already alive with many different kinds of bacteria to help break down food.ᅠ You don't want them to be breeding in your dentures because it could lead to additional tooth loss, gums that are swollen and bleed, and all sorts of bad infections.

The most basic care of dentures should begin with denture brushing.ᅠ Use a denture cleaner at least twice per day like your normal brushing routine.ᅠ A good rule of thumb is to brush, then soak, and then brush them again.ᅠ Be careful about dropping your dentures while you clean them to prevent chipping or cracking.ᅠ If you clean them over a towel or sink full of water, you can prevent any unfortunate accidents.

There are a variety of special denture cleaner solutions available that will accelerate the cleaning process if you soak it.ᅠ As you scrub them and wipe them dry always use light circular motions to avoid scratching or grooving the surface.ᅠ Though all surfaces must be thoroughly cleaned, the key area is where the denture comes in contact with your gums.ᅠ This is critical if you use adhesives.

Most denture brushing can be done with a mid-sized toothbrush.ᅠ The denture cleaner solutions help remove staining and bacteria but should not be used for soaking overnight.ᅠ For an overnight soak just use regular tap water.

Never try to bleach your dentures with strong household cleaners.ᅠ Not only does it weaken the plastic of the denture but it can also poison you.ᅠ For similar reasons you should never use extremely hot water to clean them (don't worry that won't poison you though).

If you have special dentures with soft linings for sensitive gums or metal portions, you should always consult your dentist about which cleaning products are safe to use with it.

In the event that serious stain buildup or tartar develop, you can always take the dentures to your dentist for a professional cleaning.

Most of your cleaning instruction should come from your dentist.ᅠ If you keep up a regular checkup schedule you can avoid any unforeseen problems as they develop.

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