Dentures Implant

Dentures may be the best solution for those who have lost most or all of their teeth.ᅠ They can restore a person's ability to chew, boost their self-confidence, and give them back the smile they used to have.ᅠ Though dentures can adequately work well in replicating the look of real teeth, they often fall short when it comes to their function.

The most common complaint for full dentures is shifting or even detachment while chewing or talking.ᅠ For mild incidences of this a denture adhesive may be used.ᅠ However, for those with sensitive gums adhesives are out of the question.ᅠ Furthermore, adhesives can't completely solve this problem when it comes to hard foods like candy or nuts.ᅠ To compound the problem, the gums and jawbones shrink with time.ᅠ This means that the dentures get progressively looser as you age.

Denture implants are another way to secure dentures to your mouth without the use of messy adhesives.ᅠ In this technique, a drill is used to implant prosthetic posts in the jawbone.ᅠ Once the surrounding tissue heals, the posts become integrated into the mouth.ᅠ They are used to fasten the dentures into the mouth so that even under rigorous conditions they'll stay in place.ᅠ Some reports have indicated that it is possible to restore a patient's chewing ability back to normal.

The procedure is usually done on the lower jaw.ᅠ For most people, two posts are all that is required for practical purposes.ᅠ With the addition of more posts, the stability of the denture increases dramatically. Though it is a bit more difficult a denture implant can be done on the upper jaw as well.

While denture implants solve some problems, they also come with their own.ᅠ For one thing, denture implants are rather expensive.ᅠ That's because it's an actual surgery that requires drilling and sutures.ᅠ The fact that it's a surgery also means that the risks associated with surgery in general, like infections, are present.ᅠ Luckily the success rate of most denture implant surgeries is rather high.ᅠ Only a small fraction of surgeries require correction.

On the upside, patients receiving denture implants can have the peace of mind knowing that they won't even have to think about them.ᅠ Wearing dentures with denture implants is a breeze, and most patients forget they're even wearing them.ᅠ A return to a normal life is what an implant can do for you.ᅠ Imagine being able to eat everything that you've always enjoyed in life, without the worry of shifting or even dislodging your dentures.

If you are interested in having denture implants consult your dentist today.ᅠ Prepare yourself for the kind of stability you'd only dreamed of.ᅠ Anchor your life with denture implants!

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