Full Dentures

Losing most or all of your teeth can be a traumatic experience.ᅠ This is especially true because it takes a serious accident or disease to damage so many teeth beyond the point of no return.ᅠ Losing an entire set of teeth affects you in more ways than one.ᅠ The immediate effect is an inability to chew food properly.ᅠ The more subtle effect happens to your self-confidence.ᅠ People with missing teeth feel self-conscious of their smile and are typically afraid to even open their mouth.ᅠ This sort of personal torture is even worse for those with entire jaws of missing teeth.

The only real way to fix this problem is with full dentures.ᅠ They are not as realistic as dental implants, but have a good balance between costs, functionality, and look.ᅠ The problem with full dentures is always in the anchoring.ᅠ Without teeth, there is nothing for a denture to grasp onto.ᅠ That's why dentists always recommend that some teeth be retained if at all possible.ᅠ Even the presence of one or two living teeth can greatly increase the stability of a denture.

In the event that no teeth can be saved, another option is a denture implant.ᅠ This is a surgery that implants prosthetic rods into the jawbone.ᅠ The rods act like roots for the dentures to add stability.

The process of obtaining dentures is a long process that requires great care.ᅠ The success of a denture is all in the fit, and not so much its realistic appearance.ᅠ That's because these days there are advanced materials (that come with hefty price tags) that look extremely life-like.ᅠ The sort of things you can't necessarily buy is a highly skilled and considerate dentist that will address your needs.

A good dentist won't rest until you have a set of dentures that fits comfortably even under harsh chewing conditions.ᅠ To that end, several impressions of your gum line along with multiple trial pieces will ensure that you have full dentures that fit properly.

Since your gums and jawbones shrink with time, you should maintain a regular checkup schedule with your dentist to monitor any changes that may render your dentures unsuitable.

If you have recently lost a lot of teeth or may lose them in the near future, consider consulting your dentist today about a full denture.ᅠ It could be the one thing that can restore your smile, your confidence, and your ability to enjoy everyday life like you used to.

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