Brushing teeth

There is no better way to prevent bad teeth than brushing teeth.ᅠ It's such a basic oral hygiene procedure that everyone knows about it.ᅠ The problem is when people become lazy or use improper teeth brushing techniques.ᅠ The question of how to brush your teeth is an important one to answer if you don't know.ᅠ Everything from bad breath to stained teeth can be prevented if you take the time to do it right.

Brushing teeth helps to remove plaque and food from the teeth and between the teeth.ᅠ It also prevents the risk of tooth decay and gum disease. Most dentists recommend that you brush at least twice per day, but preferably three times per day.ᅠ That means after you wake up, have lunch, and have dinner.ᅠ Some people save the last brush till they are ready for sleep, and that's okay too.ᅠ The recommended duration of teeth brushing is two to three minutes.ᅠ

The toothbrush you use is just as important as your brushing technique.ᅠ Ideally you should use a soft toothbrush that is not worn or dirty.ᅠ That means you'll have to replace it every 3 months.ᅠ Most toothbrushes nowadays come with a fading indicator that slowly disappears with time.ᅠ When the dye has reached a certain point, the brush is too old and must be replaced.ᅠ Like with any other hygienic product, a toothbrush is not meant to be shared as this could introduce germs.

The toothpaste you use should have fluoride.ᅠ Children should only need a small pea-sized bead of toothpaste, while with adults should coat the entire length of the brush with toothpaste.ᅠ Some toothpastes now come with tartar and gingivitis fighting medicines.ᅠ These are a great way to get more bang for your toothpaste buck.

The ideal manual brushing technique should focus on brushing along the gum line.ᅠ This is the point where your teeth meet the gums, and is the breeding ground for tartar and bacteria.ᅠ Some dentists recommend a circular brushing motion, while others recommend a horizontal, while still others recommend a vertical stroke starting from the gum.ᅠ Key areas that many people miss are the inner surfaces of the front teeth.ᅠ These can be brushed with the tip of the toothbrush.ᅠ Make sure you brush the chewing surfaces of your molars to clear out any impacted food.ᅠ An optional brush along your tongue surface can help remove bacteria that cause bad breath.

There are a slew of electric toothbrushes that can help in several ways.ᅠ First, the brushing action is taken care of by a motorized head.ᅠ You only need to make sure that it reaches all surfaces of the teeth.ᅠ Second, they come with automatic timers that will shut off after two to three minutes.

Proper teeth brushing techniques are crucial to your everyday life.ᅠ Consult your dentist for more instruction.

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