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NEW Dental Video Websites make sure you check back frequently to see our unique marketing sites incorporating video unlike any other online dental marketing company.  We've been marketing dentists on the net for several years and have unique specialized knowledge to offer your practice. Today, the competition is fierce on the Internet, you wouldn't buy a vinyl record if you could buy mp3's and the same goes for dental marketing websites. 

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We Are Always the 1st ! has always been leading Internet Dental Marketing Company. Our powerful dental marketing strategies are time tested and proven methods of generating new patient referrals from the Internet. Cosmetic Dentists, Dental Implants Dentists, Periodontists, Prosthodontists, and Orthodontists all generate new patient business from It's time tested and proven in every market. We have the results to prove it.  Our company has always taken the lead on technology and this foresight will always give you an advantage.

Our Dental Internet Marketing Experience Will Benefit You In The Long Run

Our dental directory is now over 10 years old.  We've gained a pile of experience specific to dentistry that very few if any can say they have. Some people ask us, who are you? I've never heard of you? You may not have heard of us because we have built our business through referrals, you haven't seen us exhibiting a dental trade shows, advertising in magazines etc., we've concentrated on getting results for our existing clients and we'll do the same for you. Take a quick look at our history.

1998 - was way ahead of the curve, we already had a searchable directory long before local search was the buzz.  Nore the square banner toward the bottom of the graphic, that was an ad for Dental Referral Service who was acquired buy 1-800-Dentist.  They paid us to get found on the Internet !!

2000 - Dentalfind got a bit of a facelift, with some new graphics and we tied it in with some of our other professional services directories. 

2002  - This new version was a major success. We figured how to get our directories city and state pages independently indexed in the organic search results.  The majority were all relying on PPC advertising for their traffic and rarely got found on city/state searches.  We were found for just about every dental state city search at the time.  E.G. cosmetic dentist (city name) , teeth whitening (city name) etc.  Even with all the changes in the search engines Dentalfind still ranks exceptionally high on state and city searches.  We also rocketed the growth of as their first top affiliate and then our formula was shared with several other affiliates. At around this time we began to be more cosmetic focused.  This was when Britesmile was agressively marketing their  in-office teeth whitening system.  Then shortly after Discus came along with the Zoom light which was made famous by Extreme Makeover. The dentists at this time that had better success with our marketing were cosmetic focused, had incredible teams, knew how to service patients and had the drive for success. As such, we began targeting more cosmetic searches.

We Pinoeered Dental Contact Forms on Directories

Generating patient referrals has always been a priority and some today are talking about their quick contact forms etc.  We've been doing this for a long, long time always leading the way. Above is a snapshot from 2002.

2004 - become even more cosmetic focused than ever before.  Cosmetic dental marketing is fiercely competive and this new version instantly generated higher quality referrals as it was more focused around cosmetic dentistry.

Dental marketing with video is hot. Once again its in the history books we were the first dental focused Internet Marketing firm to launch consumer focused dental videos in Youtube, Google video and others like AOL video and Yahoo Video.  The competition once again follows.  We're already on our next big dental marketing initiative.  If you want to be on the cutting edge of marketing your dental practice on the Internet call us today.  Becoming successful online is a process that we will help you succeed with.

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Traditonal Dental Website Design
Dental Call Tracking Numbers
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Dental Directory Marketing
Pay Per Click Management Services (google adwords, yahoo etc.)
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