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 It is a lot different looking for a dentist for yourself then for your whole family.  You know what you want and what you can put up with.  Of course before you go to a dentist it is a good idea to check with your family and friends to see whom they recommend.  There are bad dentists out there and your friends will be able to tell you which ones are to be avoided.

I am afraid to go to the dentist, but I know I should. What can I do?

This is something you should really get on top of.  Believe me the worst thing is having a problem with your teeth and not having a dentist set up. If you are looking for convenience you should go and walk around your neighborhood and se which dentist offices are close by.  Chances are there is a good one close to your home.

What is a fee-for-service dentist?

As we have all heard lately, there are millions of Americans who have no dental insurance.  If you fit into this category you should try and find a fee0for-service dentist.  This way you can shop around for the dentist with the best price.

Of course price isn’t the only thing you should be concerned with.  A dentist may be cheap but if they leave your mouth battered and bloody, did you really get your money’s worth?

What is a HMO or PPO dentist?

If you have an HMO you are in much better position.  But you still have to find a dentist who will honor your HMO.  Most of them do and that’s how they make their money.  It also means that you can be a little more choosey when looking for that dentist.


Because nobody really likes going to the dentist you should make sure that you are comfortable going into the office and having some work done.  This means that you should be comfortable with every aspect of the visit.  The staff should be friendly; the waiting room should be clean and spacious.
Up To Date

When you first meet your new dentist give him or her a little quiz.  Find out if they are keeping up to date with all of the methods that will save you money and pain.  Cause in the end isn’t that what it’s all about.

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