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Thus, many bodily pains and health conditions can be attributed to dental problems and infections in the mouth.

A major focus of holistic dentistry is the use of non-toxic materials during dental procedures; in particular, eliminating the use of amalgam fillings.ᅠ These are the traditionally used モsilver fillingsヤ which contain mercury.ᅠ Mercury is a toxin that can cause many health related problems including brain damage, kidney malfunction, and memory loss, if consumed in large amounts.ᅠ Research shows that amalgam fillings release low levels of mercury over time; however, what is not known is the increasing effects that low doses of mercury have on the body over a long period of time.ᅠ In addition, amalgam fillings naturally deteriorate due to wear and tear which causes bacteria and decay to form under the filling, damaging healthy tooth structure.

Dr. Kerbs is proud to be a mercury free dental practice since 1989.ᅠᅠ Instead, he uses white composite fillings which are safer and more aesthetically pleasing than silver fillings.ᅠ Composite fillings look like natural tooth enamel and blend in flawlessly with the rest of your teeth, reinforcing 90% of the original tooth's structure.

For patients who already have silver mercury fillings, Dr. Kerbs takes the highest safety measures to carefully remove the amalgam fillings and replace them with white composite ones.ᅠ He has taken countless hours of education and training on the proper replacement of mercury fillings, utilizing the most advanced materials and techniques modern dentistry has to offer.

Your health, comfort, and safety are Dr. Kerb's primary concerns.ᅠᅠ To learn more about holistic dentistry, call to book a consultation with Dr. Kerbs today.

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