Maryland TMJ Treatment

If you have never felt the excruciating pain brought upon by temporomandibular joint (TMJ) dysfunction, consider yourself a very lucky person.  For those who aren’t so fortunate, and have experienced sore jaw muscles; popping and clicking of the jaw joints; difficulty in opening your mouth; locking of the jaw; pain in the ear, temple, or cheek; and recurrent neck aches or headache; chances are that you could be suffering from TMJ.  TMJ is a term that is used to describe any ailments occurring in the temporomandibular (jaw) joints, and as you can see, problems with these joints can lead to a broad spectrum of symptoms.  However, there is an answer to alleviate your dental anguish.  His name is Dr. Dana Keith! 

The TMJ is a very complex joint and is one of the most important joints in the body in regards to use and function.  The treatment of TMJ dysfunction, therefore, requires a professional with the experience and skill to effectively deal with this problem.  While many dentists claim to treat TMJ, they may not generate the results and alleviate the nagging pain of TMJ dysfunction.  With Dr. Dana Keith, you are virtually guaranteed the results that you demand! 

Serving the southern Maryland, northern Virginia, and Washington D.C. area for over 20 years, Dr. Dana Keith has seen his fair share of patients suffering from TMJ dysfunction.  With a stunning track record of success treating TMJ cases, Dr. Dana Keith has built a reputation as one of the nation’s finest dentist specializing in TMJ treatment.  Dr. Dana Keith had acquired his extensive skills to deal with TMJ from prestigious post-graduate training establishments, Dawson Institute, Spear Institue, and the L.D. Pankey Institute.

TMJ dysfunction is a fairly common problem and in many cases, the source of TMJ dysfunction is related to the teeth.  Susceptibility to TMJ dysfunction increases with age, poor dental hygiene, injury, and poor dental behavior like teeth clenching and grinding.  If TMJ problems are teeth-related, there is a high probability that it is caused by excessive teeth clenching (bruxism) and/or poorly aligned teeth contributing to a bad bite.  Once the problem(s) are identified, an appropriate treatment plan can be developed and implemented.

Dr. Dana Keith understands that TMJ dysfunction can be a debilitating disorder, and he strongly advocates treatment as soon as possible to prevent further damage being done.  Allowing TMJ problems to continue unaided will lead to greater trauma on the jaws, which will noticeably lead to TMJ dysfunction symptoms occurring with greater regularity and intensity.  For effective relief against TMJ dysfunction, contact Dr. Dana Keith today!

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