Periodontal Therapy Birmingham

When we say periodontal disease we are referring to any disease of the gum tissue, also known as gum disease. With gum disease your gums can bleed, recede and eventually lead to tooth loss if left untreated. Evidence has also been found linking gum disease to other medical conditions of the heart. This is because the infection in the gums can spread to the bone and then into the bloodstream and to other vital organs.

Periodontal therapy can restore your gum's health and help to prevent further infection and disease. Periodontal therapy involves probing the teeth for a clearer understanding of what is happening below the gum line and removing any plaque and calculus that is preventing your gums from attaching to your teeth properly. Ultimately the goal is to kill any infection so that your smile can heal. In some more serious cases surgery may be recommended so that a more thorough cleaning and disinfecting below the gum line can be achieved so that your bone and gums can finally begin heal.

There is no doubt that periodontal therapy is crucial in keeping your smile and body healthy. Following the dentist's advice as well as staying on top of regular check ups will help keep your smile healthy and keep other problems at bay.

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