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The Pure Power Mouthguard is the ultimate sports guard that not only protects your teeth but improves performance.  The PPM mouthguard is being rolled out through a series of certified dentists that have been practicing neuromuscular dental techniques.  The pure power mouthguard was invented by Dr. Annil Makkar. He was treating many patients that had jaw problems and that were suffering from TMJ with a neuromuscular orthotic and found that patients not only saw their pain decrease but that their upper body strength and balance increased.  Dr. Makkar experimented with a fitness trainer named Chuck Sproule and used a pen to position the jaw into a more ideal posititon, in doing so the fitness trainer was able to do more repetitions and as such have introduced the pure power mouthguard to many other sports such as hockey, football, baseball, basketball, golf and others.  How far would you go to have an edge over your competition?  The pure power mouthguard can help.

Here are just a few of some well known athletes using the pure power edge mouthguard.  Manny Ramirez of the Boston Red Sox has the pure power edge, Lofa Tatupu of the Seattle Seahawks, Carolina Panthers NFL star running back Deshaun Foster.  Sports mouthguards have always had benefits but none quite as good as the pure power mouthguard.  At Dentalfind.com we can help you find a certified PPPM dentist in your local area to fit you with this incredbile innovation. 

Here are a list of Dentalfind.com dentists in various cities that are certified to offer the PPM mouthguard.   

Arizona - Scottsdale Pure Power Mouthgard - Dr. Don Wilcox
Illinois -   Chicago Pure Power - Dr. Ira Shapira

Ohio - Cincinnati Pure Power Mouthguard - Dr. Thomas Hedge

Texas - Houston Pure Power Edge Mouthguard - Dr. Kathy Frazar

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