Sedation Dentistry Beverly Hills Cosmetic Dentist

Unfortunately thousands of Americans do not seek dental care they need because of their anxiety about going to the dentist. Dr. Kevin B. Sands knows this and that's why his Beverly Hills patients can take advantage of something called sedation dentistry. Designed to make any dental procedure as easy as sleep ヨ porcelain veneers, dental implants, teeth whitening and others ヨ sedation dentistry is a popular alternative to a regular dental session.

Dr. Sands' sedation dentistry is carried out by using either oral or intra-venous medications that relax you during the procedure. Dr. Sands carries out his magic while you remain in a sleep-like state. This state lets you to have a comfortable dental treatment and later have little or no memory of the session. The reason why Dr. Sands is not only popular among regular patients but is also recommended among his celebrity clients, is because he goes that extra mile while working on your smile.

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