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Dr. Kevin Sands knows how much fear and anxiety a trip to the dentist can instill. Even as adults, much of this fear remains. In fact, too many people do not seek the dental care they need because to this fear. Since this is counterproductive, Dr. Sand's LA practice utilizes sedation dentistry to deal with this issue.

Sedation dentistry effectively takes the fear and anxiety away. Using a variety of methods, from pills to IV medications, these sedatives can put you in a more relaxed state, so that dental procedures can be comfortably carried out. Many patients prefer the use of sedatives as more dental procedures can be performed in one visit.

If this sounds ideal for you, then Dr. Sands can discuss with you the many sedation procedures, and find an appropriate one for your dental procedure. He always ensures the highest standards of safety standards, and will make sure that your visit will be the most comfortable visit to the dentist yet.

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