Sedation Dentistry Napa, CA

Patients who have dental anxiety and fear can now receive the dental attention they require through a variety of sedation methods.ᅠ Depending on the type of treatment you are receiving and the level of anxiety you have, Dr Giamo can determine which method is best suited for you.

The sedation process involves putting the patient in a relaxed and calming state throughout the entire procedure.ᅠ Patients feel so at ease during their treatment that it may feel like only a few minutes have gone by when really the procedure could have taken hours.ᅠ This means that more complex dental work that usually requires multiple visits can be condensed into one appointment.ᅠ Some patients feel so relaxed in fact, that they actually fall asleep during the treatment.ᅠ Imagine, simply closing your eyes and then suddenly waking up with a brand new, beautiful smile.

You can now receive the dental care and confidence you deserve, with virtually no discomfort or pain.ᅠ To learn more about Dr. Giamo and how sedation dentistry can benefit you, call to book a consultation today.


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