Teeth Pain

Teeth pain can associated with a variety of dental problems. Some people will have toothaches due to extreme sensitivity to hot and cold foods and this sort of pain may never go away, while others may have agonizing tooth pain due to infection, nerve damage and decay.

No matter what the cause, there is sometimes nothing worse than having teeth pain. This sort of pain, when severe, can prevent a person from eating, sleeping, talking and even concentrating so it is essential that this sort of pain be dealt with as soon as it arises.

Some tooth pain can be combated with painkillers and special toothpastes, but most will require the attention of a dental professional.

In terms of diagnosis, teeth pain can be attributed to a number of specific problems.

Typical causes of Teeth Pain:

Dental cavities or caries Abscesses Wisdom tooth eruption Gingivitis Bruxism (teeth-grinding) Damage (chips or cracks)

Usually toothaches occur either when the gums are inflamed or when the nerves of the teeth become irritated. Tooth pain is usually an indication that some part of the tooth's structure has been damaged whether it's the pulp, the dentin or the outer enamel.

In most cases pain caused by cavities and caries can be taken care of by visiting a dentist and having the area drilled out and replaced with a filling.

Dental abscesses, which are puss-filled areas that appear in the mouth when the nerve of a tooth has been infected, either eventually burst, or they need to be drained and treated with antibiotics. Either way, an abscess can indicate dental injury or decay so anyone who develops one should contact a dentist immediately.

When wisdom teeth erupt and begin to cause tooth pain, often these teeth will need to be extracted so that they do not create infection and crowding in other teeth.

Gingivitis, which causes tooth pain, can often be treated with regular use of an antibacterial mouthwash, while bruxism, which causes pain in teeth, may require the tooth-grinder, or tooth-clencher to wear a specially designed mouth-guard when they are sleeping.

Dental damage like chipping and cracking is an obvious source of tooth pain and this sort of damage will definitely require a trip to the dentist for veneers, bridges or dental implants depending on the severity of the problem.

Unless you are teething or you have braces there is no reason that you should be suffering with teeth pain.

Regular trips to the dentist as well as diligent flossing and brushing can help to stave off many of the dental dilemmas that cause tooth pain so take the time to take care of your teeth and you should be able to steer clear of many painful problems.

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