TMJ Treatment Grand Rapids, MI

Repeated muscle problems can result in tissue damage and muscle tenderness, perpetuating a cycle of pain.ᅠ There are a number of factors that can lead to the disorder including stress, injury, arthritis and teeth grinding, to name a few.ᅠ Women are also more likely to be affected by TMJ than men.

Symptoms of TMJ include jaw pain while chewing or yawning, soreness in front of the ear, a clicking noise when opening and closing the jaw, a stiff jaw when eating or speaking, trouble opening the mouth wide-locking of the jaw, etc.

Leading dentist Dr. Urszula Firlik has advanced training and experience in TMJ Therapy.ᅠ She offers a number of treatment options to reduce or eliminate discomfort and pain.ᅠ Dr. Firlik will first, perform a thorough dental examination, followed by a health history check, and x-rays.ᅠᅠ Based on her findings, she will then develop a suitable course of treatment that will best benefit your condition.ᅠ Some of these treatments include reshaping teeth, wearing bite guards, and taking muscle relaxants.ᅠ

Depending on the level of your condition, Dr. Firlik may also recommend a multi-phase treatment plan, combining more than one treatment to achieve optimal results.

To find out how TMJ therapy can benefit you and how Dr. Firlik can help, call to book a consultation today.

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