Invisalign New York City Orthodontics

Crooked teeth are among the most difficult of dental problems.ᅠ They leave much to be desired and can ruin your chances of making a good first impression.ᅠ In the past, fixing crooked teeth mean a painful process of metal braces with sharp aligners and annoying wires.ᅠ The pain and embarrassment of wearing braces was among the worst of the problems associated with them.

All of that has been eliminated with the introduction of Invisalign braces now available with Dr. Kosdon in the Big Apple!ᅠ New Yorkers will never again have to walk around with 'brace face' while they work towards a straighter, more beautiful smile.ᅠ The Invisalign brace system is a revolutionary new way to fix crooked teeth.

It uses a series of clear plastic aligners that snap onto your teeth and are practically invisible to the naked eye.ᅠ Every couple weeks you'll receive a new aligner that will continue shifting your teeth where the last one left off.ᅠ This way, you can even remove the brace when you wish to eat or clean your teeth!

Imagine a straighter smile without all the hassle of metal parts in your mouth.ᅠ It's now possible with New York's best and brightest cosmetic dentist: Dr. Kosdon.ᅠ Call their office today for a consultation regarding the Invisalign brace for you or your child.

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