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No one likes to see a crooked smile. Unfortunately it's one of the most time-consuming and painful dental problems out there. The traditional method for correcting crooked teeth is the metal brace with wire. Everyone's seen these braces in action, whether it was firsthand or not. They don't look good. They're uncomfortable. They make chewing, brushing, and flossing a big hassle.

In short, metal braces are the kind of nightmare that teenage angst is made of. But that's what makes it even worse when the need for braces strikes in adulthood. Now there's a solution to all these pains. Dr. John A. Vellequette in Sunnyvale California now offers the Invisalign invisible brace system.

This fabulous new device is a clear plastic mouth aligner that slowly shifts your teeth into their final position. Every two weeks you'll get another aligner to carry on where the other one left off. The change is gradual, less painful, and completely discreet. You can even take off the Invisalign brace when you eat and clean your teeth!

There's no excuse for having 'brace face' anymore. The benefits of Invisalign are so far beyond those of traditional braces that only the most severe cases should require metal and wires. Contact Dr. Vellequette's office today in Sunnyvale and come in for a consultation!

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