Invisalign Washington D.C. Invisible Braces - Aligners - Retainers

Getting Invisalign braces in DC is the latest and greatest advancement in cosmetic dentistry! If you've always wanted straight teeth, but didn't want the hassle that comes with getting braces, then Invisalign is for you!

Many adult who wear braces understand the affect of wearing braces: the experience can be embarrassing if you are a professional or someone who's appearance is important in your job. Furthermore, it could lead to some esteem issues when meeting new people.

Come find out why Invisalign is such a great product! Invisalign is not the same as braces. Invisalign uses a small custom tray that fit the shape of your mouth.ᅠ Washington DC invisalign straightens your teeth much like braces would, but they are invisible removeable.

The Invisalign system goes straight to work the minute you try them on. If you have a presentation to make, a hot date, or a gourmet dinner, you can easily take them off and enjoy these activities showing your normal teeth. Additionally, you can just leave Invisalign in because no one will notice you even have them on!

Invisalign was developed to give people an alternative to braces. These unique moulds will straighten your teeth - and what's better - they are clear and removable! You can take them out when you eat or sleep and you don't have to worry about showing a mouth full of metal when you smile! The cost for Invisalign varies between individuals but you can consult a Washington DC cosmetic dentist for an assessment and quote.

Why wear clunky, painful, metal braces glued to your teeth when you can wear removable, clear, comfortable Washington DC Invisaligns? The added bonus with nearly invisible braces is that you wear them for a shorter period of time than braces! Get the same results as braces in a shorter time ヨ Invisalign braces are the finest altenative to traditonal metal braces for a reason. Come see how Washington DC orthodontic dentists can help you get the great smile you want and deserve with their revolutionary teeth straightening procedure!
This is a great option for people that have lost their retainers and need to reposition the teeth.
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